About us


I’m Rob Cortinas, a water filter technician with years of experience. I love finding the right water filter for people. I’m excited to share my knowledge.

I’ve seen the benefits of high-quality water filters as a technician. It improves your drinking water’s taste and smell and removes harmful contaminants. That’s why everyone needs clean drinking water.

I visited a friend’s house and noticed their tap water had a strange smell and taste. After asking a few questions, I discovered they didn’t have a water filter. After installing my recommended water filter, the difference was noticeable. They were amazed at how much better their water tasted, and I was glad to help them.

Our website has many articles about Brita, Purr, and Zero water filters. I hope to help you choose a water filter for your home, office, or business. We cover water filter basics to the latest industry innovations.

We work hard to exceed your expectations. Please ask our team or me if you need help. Thank you for choosing us as your water filter resource.