Can Brita Water Filters Be Recycled?

Brita water filters have a limited lifespan, like most products. To avoid bacterial buildup, they must be replaced.

Brita has a recycling partnership with TerraCycle. They offer turnaround recycling for hard-to-recycle products.

Short Answer

It would help if you recycled Brita water filters. Brita promotes environmental sustainability. Their headquarters in Germany separates and recycles water filter cartridges. The company even regenerates filter material and reuses it in water filter cartridges, closing the material loop. Due to the plastic most Brita filters are made of, and the contaminants in the filter that can damage other recyclables, recycling them can be difficult.

Brita filter recycling has several options. TerraCycle offers to recycle. TerraCycle recycles Brita filters into pellets for new products. Return Brita filters for recycling. Epic Water Filters recycles Brita filters too.

Before recycling a Brita filter, dry it for 2–3 days and wrap it in a plastic bag. Unfortunately, TerraCycle requires 5 pounds of filter cartridge waste before recycling. To meet this minimum, collect used filters from friends and family.

Brita water filters are recyclable. The company recycles filter material for new filter cartridges. TerraCycle, Brita, and Epic Water Filters all recycle used Brita filters. Reusing filters reduces our plastic footprint and cleans the planet.


Brita and TerraCycle make it easy for customers to recycle their reusable water filters. TerraCycle recycles these filters into new plastic products and discarded packaging.

TerraCycle is a cutting-edge recycling company. They recycle carbon dioxide cartridges and bottled water filters that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators.

TerraCycle’s collection programs weigh, check, and bale waste. These are shipped to a processor, who pays TerraCycle to process and sell the commodities.

This practice has enlisted over 81 million people worldwide in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly recycling program. It reduces landfill and incinerator waste too. (SDG 12 & 13).


Preserve will recycle your broken Brita pitcher filter. Their Gimme 5 recycling program turns used filters into toothbrushes, cups, and cutting boards.

Send your filter to their New York office. Before shipping:

  • Shake off excess water.
  • Dry it for at least three days.
  • Wrap the filter in a plastic grocery bag.

Brita pitchers use a coconut-based activated carbon filter to reduce tap water toxins and impurities. They also have ion-exchange resin to filter chlorine, lead, and mercury.

Local Recycling Plants

Polypropylene, a biodegradable plastic, makes Brita water filters. If you don’t want your filter to end up in a landfill, send it to TerraCycle or Preserve.

Brita recycles its used water filters in the US with TerraCycle. Create an account on Brita’s website and print a free shipping label to get started.

Send type ‘5’ plastic filters with no other contaminants. This makes recycling easier and safer.

Depending on the plastic type and other products they process, some plants may not accept your filter if it has contaminants. Check the filter number if you need clarification.


Brita water filters remove contaminants from tap water in many households. These filters can become contaminated and need to be disposed of after use.

There are several ways to recycle your Brita water filter without harming the environment. You can return your filter to the manufacturer, TerraCycle, or a local recycling plant.

Drying your Brita water filter is the first step in recycling it. Remove all excess water and store the filter dry for 3-6 days.

After your filter is dry, wrap it in a plastic bag and mail it to Brita. Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept Brita filters.

Filtered water reduces the number of plastic bottles in landfills and oceans and reduces waste. Every Brita filter saves 300 16.9