Troubleshooting a Blinking Red Light on a PUR Water Filter

Pur water filters remove lead, mercury, and chlorine from tap water. These filters can malfunction, blinking red. It’s frustrating and worrying but usually easy to fix.

This post will address the major causes of a red flashing light on your Pur water filter and how to diagnose and maintain it.

Causes of Red Blink

Particles on the filter cause PUR water filter red blinks. These particles may generate a false alarm and indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned or rinsed. Removing particles, cleaning the filter, and rinsing with cold water solve this problem quickly. To maintain filter performance and hygiene, clean the unit’s exterior with mild dishwashing soap.

Particles on filter

Particles on Pur water filters often create red blinks. These particles block water flow and cause false alarms. Even a new filter may need replacing.

Regular filter cleaning and rinsing can fix this. Removing the filter from the device and running it under water removes loose particles. To remove obstructions, gently scrape the filter with a toothbrush.

Clean the filter and unit outside periodically. Use mild dishwashing soap and a sponge. Keep the unit’s outside clean to avoid particles affecting the filter. Before reinstalling the filter, it should be entirely dry to avoid malfunctions. These minor tweaks can improve your filter’s performance.

Faulty electric circuit

A broken electric circuit might cause a Pur water filter to blink red. If the circuit malfunctions, the filter indicator lights may indicate that the filter needs to be changed.

Replacing a circuit that causes a red blink is the sole remedy. Pur stores or customer service can accomplish this. Fixing a circuit yourself can damage the machine and be unsafe.

Replacing the circuit professionally is cheap and restores the filter function. A specialist should also inspect the filter to ensure it’s not broken, which will keep the system functioning smoothly. Well-maintained filters, including the circuit, work better and last longer, making them worth the cost.

Filter not resetting

A Pur water filter’s red blink might also be caused by improper setting. To ensure indicator lights work, reset the filter after changing or maintaining it. Resetting the filter can prevent a bogus filter change alert.

Filter mounts have different instructions for resetting filters. Vertical filters need to reinstall the faucet filter and manually reset the canister button with your index finger. Horizontal filter mounts require removal, drying, and reinstallation. Some gadgets require holding the reset button for many seconds to reset the lights. Check for a stuck reset button to avoid resetting. Before resetting, gently lift the trapped button with a tool or toothpick.

Always reference the user manual for your filter model to ensure proper operation. For questions, contact the brand’s customer support. Resetting your filter correctly ensures that the indicator lights operate and that you know when to change them.

Other PUR Water Filter Indicators

PUR water filters contain indication lights to indicate filter status. The water is safe to drink if the filter has a green light. Yellow lights suggest filter replacement. After 100 gallons or 3 months of use, this light shows typically.

Before the red light occurs, change the filter when the yellow light emerges. A PUR water filter’s red light signals trouble. The filter may be clogged, failing to remove impurities, or not resetting effectively.

If a red light shows, replace the filter immediately. User manuals and customer service are also essential. Check the indicator lights to ensure your PUR water filter is working correctly.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

PUR water filter maintenance and troubleshooting require some considerations. First, find the reset button and reset the filter manually. The chamber reset button usually is on the water outflow side. Holding the button for a few seconds resets the filter. This should restore the light and filter function.

Tracking filter changes is also crucial. After 100 gallons, change the filter. This keeps your water clean and drinkable.

PUR water filters’ lights often malfunction. If the filter idles, this can happen. Hold the button for a few seconds and release it to restart the light. Your filter should light up again.

Maintaining and troubleshooting your water filter ensures its optimum operation. These simple actions will keep your water clean, safe, and healthy.


In conclusion, pay special attention to your PUR water filter indications to ensure safe and effective filtration. To keep your water clean, you should troubleshoot and fix your filter as soon as the red blink indication appears. Particles on the filter, a broken electric circuit, and a non-resetting filter create red blinks. Cleaning and rinsing the filter and following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions prevent these issues. After 100 gallons or three months, change the filter. Resetting the filter and following the manual will activate the water filter light. Maintaining and troubleshooting your PUR water filter ensures clean, safe water for your home.