Uncovering the Best Water Filter for Uranium

Uranium is present in soil, rocks, and water. It leaches from natural deposits, mill tailings, nuclear industry emissions, coal and other fuel combustion, and phosphate fertilizer use. According to a University of Nebraska Lincoln research, 78% of uranium-contaminated sites include nitrate, which oxidizes and makes uranium more soluble and able to infiltrate groundwater. Those who consume well water or reside in uranium-rich areas should be concerned about this.

The EPA warns that long-term exposure to high quantities of uranium in drinking water may increase cancer risk, liver harm, or both. It accumulates in bones and harms genetics and reproduction. Hence, a uranium-removing water filter is needed. This post will compare uranium-removing water filters and recommend the best one.

Test Results

Waterdrop removes uranium from drinking water best in scientific tests. Waterdrop eliminated uranium, THMs, and chloroform in our testing. It removed 92.4% copper and 66.2% strontium. Our highest-scoring filter has a Tap Score of 93.

Epic water filter follows Waterdrop. Epic removed 100% of THMs, chloroform, copper, and uranium in tests. It removed 16.6% strontium. Our second-best filter has a Tap Score of 89.

Aquacrest water filter ranks third. Aquacrest removed 100% THMs and chloroform, 96.6% copper, and 77.3% strontium in our tests. Like Waterdrop and Epic, it did not remove all uranium. Our third-best filter has a Tap Score of 88.

Waterdrop, Epic, Aquacrest, and Brita all removed uranium, which is impressive. Some filters removed fewer contaminants and added salt, silver, lead, and nitrate to the water.

Current Trends in the Water Filtration Market

Feed systems without power or pressure. These portable systems filter water using gravity, making them perfect for off-grid or emergency use. Companies are increasingly designing lightweight, portable devices that can be used in several scenarios.

Berkey Filters follows this trend. Berkey makes gravity-fed water filters for off-grid and emergency use. They have devices to filter water from streams, lakes, and standing water. They remove uranium and other contaminants using their durable, portable equipment.

Filtration technology is also evolving with gravity-fed systems. Companies are testing activated carbon and ceramic filters to increase filtration and eliminate more contaminants. Companies are also trying innovative designs to make their systems smaller, lighter, and easier to use, giving more people access to clean water.

Comparison of Different Water Filters

Waterdrop, Epic, and Aquacrest filters are top uranium removers. The Waterdrop filter removed uranium, chloroform, and 92.4% copper from the water. Waterdrop filters removed most other metals, minerals, and salts without introducing contaminants.

The Epic filter removed 100% of copper, uranium, and strontium, whereas the Aquacrest filter removed 96.6% of copper and 100% of uranium and strontium. These filters have drawbacks. Epic lost 83% strontium, Aquacrest added salt, and Brita added silver.

These off-grid water filters have not been tested for uranium removal, unlike Aquacera and Doulton filters. They may also remove uranium based on their performance in eliminating other contaminants. Individual needs and preferences determine the optimal filter.


Q: What is uranium, and why is it harmful?

Uranium occurs naturally in soil, rocks, and water. Natural deposits, mill tailings, nuclear industry emissions, coal and another fuel burning, and phosphate fertilizer use can leach into groundwater. It increases cancer risk and liver harm when consumed in drinking water.

Q: What is the recommended maximum level of uranium in drinking water (MCL)?

A: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends 15 pCi/L for drinking water uranium (picocuries per litre).

Q: What are the different water treatment solutions for removing uranium?

Ion exchange and reverse osmosis remove uranium from water. Reverse osmosis membranes block uranium and radium. Ion exchange resin beds replace radium and uranium with safe chemicals. Activated alumina also removes uranium.

Q: Is reverse osmosis the best option for removing uranium?

A: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends reverse osmosis for 99 percent uranium and radioactive particle removal. However, the optimum approach relies on water treatment requirements and contaminant kind.

Q: Do Water filter pitchers remove uranium?

A: Certain water filters pitchers, such as Waterdrop, Epic, Aquacrest, and others, can remove uranium efficiently. To eliminate uranium, examine the filter’s specifications and certifications before buying.


In conclusion, uranium in drinking water is a developing global concern. Find a water filter that removes this hazardous chemical. Waterdrop, Epic, and Aquacrest filters remove uranium best in scientific tests. These filters remove chloroform, copper, and uranium.

Keep up with water filtration trends like gravity-fed systems that don’t need power or pressurization. Berkey Filters is creating products to match this trend.

It’s crucial to know what’s in your drinking water and take precautions to make it safe. We propose the Waterdrop filter for eliminating uranium from drinking water. Depending on individual needs, Epic and Aquacrest are also effective at removing uranium.